Specialized Refinishing: How to Refinish a Cast Iron Bathtub

Make your bathroom look new and great by refinishing your cast iron bathtub. For most people, they just completely purchase a new cast iron bathtub but this can be very expensive, in addition to its costly installation cost. If you still want the look and feel of your current bathtub, then all you have to do is to refinish your cast iron bathtub, saving time, money, and effort. What are the steps involved in refinishing a cast iron bathtub?

1. Remove the rust. Rust is a huge source of annoyance and it is a stubborn and nuisance thing found in most cast iron bathtubs. In order to remove the rust in your bathtub, use a sandpaper in a circular motion. If there is a drastic invasion of rust in the tub, it is good to use a power sander. This tool requires an expert knowledge and skill, so better contact a professional to do it for you for your safety. Check out the furniture repair durham nc .

2. Clean the bathtub. It is important to have a clean finish, so be sure to remove any dirt debris before you continue. After cleaning, let the tub dry completely.

3. Repair any blemishes. Take good care of any cracks in your bathtub because any blemish may affect the finish look. It may look unprofessional. You can use fiberglass putty to fill the cracks, and avoid leaving excess putty on the surface. It takes up to three hours for the putty to completely settle. You may need to fill more putty if the cracks are still visible and return after three hours.

4. Re-sanding the tub's surface to remove any remains and for a smoother look. Doing this will allow you to have a better application of enamel later on and for a professional look. Get ready to learn about bathroom refinishing specializedrefinishing.com .

5. Apply enamel. Don't miss any spots, and continue to apply enamel as needed. It takes about five hours for the enamel to dry. Apply a second coat as needed.

6. Finish up. Use an enamel paint for a commercial look. You can also achieve a rustic look by choosing the perfect paint for your bathtub.

If you have no time to refinish your cast iron bathtub, you can contact a professional to repair and refinish your tub, come and check our homepage or website for more details! Our expert and experience refinishing repair specialists can help you resolve your bathtub and other furniture issues. Learn more details about bathroom refinishing https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bathtub_refinishing .